Eva Jura is born !

EVA Jura, a new cooperative in the heart of the breeding world

This Monday, December 18, 2017, Jura-Bétail and Jura Conseil Elevage (Milk recording in Jura) have merged to give birth to the new cooperative named “EVA Jura”.

Facing the growth of the size of the structure, the new expectations from breeders and the demand to increase performances, a reflection has been led in Jura since more than two years.

In addition to those motivations comes the new European Regulation on Zootechnical conditions which will come into force in November 2018 and which plan to cluster selection program and milk recording organism.

Thus, a common work has been done to group together, within a single and same cooperative, a genetic center and a service one. The objective remains the same: provide the highest quality service and a genetic offer at its best for the breeders.

EVA Jura, who is taking advantage of constraints linked to the setup of the coming European Regulation on Zootechnical conditions is the 1st French agricultural cooperative to restructure to fit to tomorrows’ challenges.

Eva Jura en images…

EVAJura was launched on December the 18th, see here some pictures of the hilights of the event


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